IDFusion is a digital transformation company and we help three specific groups of customers:

Fast growing small-to-medium sized companies that need help planning, researching, building, integrating or maintaining new and emerging tech their company needs to continue their growth;

Large multinational organizations that are looking for expertise in mobile to help them build, enhance, and maintain mobile applications; and

Government organizations that require resources to help them enhance and maintain their existing applications.

Our History

In 1999, partners Christian Dandeneau, Daniel Piche and Rob Piche wanted to build something bigger than themselves. They wanted to create an environment where people could become more productive, creative, and empowered to solve difficult problems. They felt a technology company that helped businesses was the best vehicle to create that culture! In 1999, IDFusion was born!

Since then, IDFusion has continued to evolve as our world does. From building one of the first online marketplaces called MyLocalStore, to being an early adopter in building mobile apps as the iPhone made its debut, to now leading the charge on helping companies and their technology evolve as their customer’s demands do.

Our Purpose

IDFusion’s purpose stems from our founders’ proud Métis heritage. As an Indigenous organization our purpose is to be a tool for positive change for Indigenous peoples.

We are able to bring our purpose to life through the work that we do with our clients everyday. In addition to working with amazing clients all around the world, we pay special attention to focusing our expertise on Indigenous communities and organizations, supporting Indigenous causes, and celebrating Indigenous traditions.

As a boutique Indigenous company, we also strive to be a positive role model for young Indigenous peoples showing them that they can have successful careers in technology.

IDFusion’s Core Values

Our core values define who we are as a company. They guide our decisions and behaviour and define the culture of what it means to work at IDFusion. Our core values are a key part to our success, in how we operate and in the value we create for our clients and community.

Leadership Team

Under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Christian Dandeneau, IDFusion’s Leadership Team includes accomplished professionals in their fields who are supported by a staff of developers, architects, designers, and operations staff focused on delivering innovative and transformative solutions for our clients.