HMV is gone.

I used to go there almost every week just to see the new releases and peruse the CDs and DVDs. I stopped going since I started buying just about everything on Amazon and listening to music online. Obviously, I won’t miss HMV.

I haven’t been inside a bank in years, and why would I? The e-transfers, mobile deposits, and tap technology with my phone is closer, faster, and easier.

I haven’t read a newspaper in more than five years, either.

None of these three activities were ever particularly remarkable…and now they’re gone. And now that they’re gone, I don’t miss them one bit.

I would miss my banking apps, Amazon, and social media if they were gone because the alternatives aren’t has effective.

So let me ask you this.

When your business is gone, will they miss what you did for them?

It’s not too late to change, so that they WOULD miss you if you were gone.