Tundra Oil and Gas

Tundra Digital Strategy Roadmap

Tundra has an old proprietary system that manages their business and any inefficiencies in their system would cost them a significant amount of production time, lost mining time, and revenue.
Transportation Client

Carrier Application

One of Canada's largest trucking companies wanted to build a mobile application that would support a better in-cab experience for their carriers.
Government of Manitoba

Government AMS

The Government of Manitoba hosts 20+ critical applications that organizations and citizens across Manitoba use on a regular basis and require a partner that they can rely on to completely manage them.

Tesco International Calling

Tesco wanted a calling card application that would allow their customers to communicate back and forth on via chat and VoIP calls.

Ryanair Talk

Ryanair was looking for a mobile solution that would add value to their customers and enhance their in-flight experience.
Large Canadian City

Cart Scanner

The Department of Water and Waste for a major Canadian city was interested in replacing their current solution for scanning RFIDs on every residential waste and recycling bin.