The Challenge

Gryphon is the leader in ultra-secure mobile smartphone platforms for government, enterprise and military organizations. When Gryphon proved to their customer base the power of their platform using an Android app built by ID Fusion, they soon has requests from customers for an iOS version.

With ID Fusion’s ability to execute on the initial Android application, Gryphon Secure immediately went back to ID Fusion to develop the iOS version of the Android app.

Client: Gryphon Secure
Industry: Security
Company Location: Helsinki, Finland

The Result

Gryphon Secure had paying customers waiting in the wings for the iOS version which meant that there would be a tremendous amount of pressure on ID Fusion to once again deliver on a tight deadline and once again ID Fusion delivered.

The project once again brought about many difficult technical challenges, but through a strong partnership between both ID Fusion and Gryphon Secure, we were able to deliver to the application in record time.

“ID Fusion continues to be a valuable partner to our organization and their team has become an extension of our own when we need them to deliver a consistently high quality product.”

Tommi Leino, VP Research and Development, Gryphon Secure Inc.