The Challenge

The Department of Water and Waste for a major Canadian city was interested in replacing their current solution for scanning RFIDs on every residential waste and recycling bin. They wanted to explore a mobile solution but didn’t have the expertise or resources to do so.

Client: Large Canadian City
Industry: Government
Company Location: Canada

The Result

IDFusion worked with the department to develop an iOS application that enables staff to manage service delivery for Waste Management Services. Through IDFusion’s process of expanded requirements analysis with application end users, we were able to identify potential short comings in the initial application concept, revise development plans and increase the value of the application to the organizations stakeholders.

This application can also work offline and automatically synchronizes data in a background process when data connection is resumed. Today all of the city’s water and waste employees that handle waste collection all use an application to scan RFID chips using an application that IDFusion built.