The Challenge

The employees of Canadian First-Aid Training (CFAT) struggled to keep up with the ever-evolving digital times as they lacked the expertise to implement solutions that would drive a better customer experience and drive greater revenue for them online.

Client: Canadian First-Aid Training
Industry: Education and Training
Company Location: Winnipeg, Canada

The Result

IDFusion completely revamped CFAT’s website to improve the user experience for the customer. Now customers can go online to get course information and register and pay for courses all in their one visit.

Improving the user experience and directing them with the fewest amount of clicks and simplifying the process was our objective thereby improving efficiencies, reducing confusion, and increasing conversions.

“The changes IDFusion made to our online process tripled registrations over a 3-month period and drastically improved cash flow. They had a tremendous impact on our business and I can’t thank them enough for it.”

Christian Clavelle, President, Canadian First-Aid Training