The Challenge

Cintas is a services and supplies company that designs and supplies corporate identity uniform programs, entrance mats, restroom supplies, promotional products, and safety products to organizations of all sizes across North America. They had a need to increase their brand among the general public and wanted an application that anyone could download and readily use in order to make that happen.

Client: Cintas
Industry: Services & Supplies
Company Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

The Result

Cintas engaged IDFusion to build a mobile application, for both Android and iOS, that allows users, throughout North America, to find the closest and cleanest washroom. The app also enables those same users to rate and review the washroom they just visited.

IDFusion saw an opportunity to not only drive brand, but to also drive sales leads and increase customer loyalty by using the data the app was collecting from user entries. Along with the application, IDFusion developed a sales dashboard that pulled data from washroom ratings and placed those ratings into different filters. Cintas Sales Managers could now use this data to drive sales leads and follow up with companies that are providing their customers with a poor washroom experience.

In addition, IDFusion was able to:

  • Provide an increase of hot sales leads for sales managers
  • A 24% increase in sales for their UltraCleanTM service

Ratings and reviews for over 500,000 different washrooms across North America

“I really value the level of collaboration that IDFusion brings to Cintas. They are always working with me on coming up with new ideas to make our applications more effective. They challenge, they research, they provide options, and ask a lot of questions to understand our objectives to ensure they are building something that meets our goals.”

Jillian Bauer, Marketing Manager, Cintas Corporation