The Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many at-risk Manitobans need support with groceries, mediation, emergency snow clearing and other necessities.  North Forge Technology Exchange approached IDFusion and Permission Click to develop a web-based application that would provide a single, trusted location to match up to those with the capacity to volunteer with people in need of support.

The biggest part of the challenge was that this app needed to be built and launched in less than a week all while using world-class infrastructure and encryption with a focus on security.

Client: North Forge Technology Exchange
Industry: Economic Development
Company Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Result

With the world class team at Permission Click, IDFusion developed an application that securely matches volunteers with individuals in need.  Volunteers are required to provide proof of identification and requests for assistance are filtered into specific categories.

The project which was under an extremely tight deadline. While a project of this scope could take several months, IDFusion and it’s partners were able to create a working app within 5 days. We encourage volunteers and individuals to sign up immediately at, while any organization or group interested in volunteering can contact

“When approached with the opportunity to help support all Manitobans during this difficult time, our team jumped at the opportunity. This initiative has allowed IDFusion, as an Indigenous company, with a rewarding way to live our core values and purpose by helping to support and protect Indigenous people.” – Christian Dandeneau, CEO, IDFusion Software