The Challenge

Tesco wanted a calling card application that would allow their customers to communicate back and forth on via chat and VoIP calls.

Client: Tesco
Industry: Retail
Company Location: Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom

The Result

IDFusion developed an iOS and Android calling card application for Tesco by partnering with WaveCrest who developed the backend system. This application allows users to chat with other Tesco users, enable them to make VoIP calls, receive push notifications for incoming calls, messages and promotions, camera integration, view and edit list of contacts from their address book, view calling rates, recent calls, multi-lingual, add credit to their calling card, IVR integration and can work offline.

“The two things that IDFusion brings to us that we find incredibly valuable and unique is their flexibility in creating the product as we move forward and how they act as an extension of our team. First, in some cases we need to evolve the product as they develop the app. Their flexibility allows for adjustments to fine tune and perfect our apps. For example, in one of our latest apps we received feedback from the client early on and IDFusion expertly incorporated that feedback throughout the development process without any impact to the deadline. Secondly, IDFusion works closely with our Server team with a high level of collaboration. They’re like an extension of our team that we don’t have.”

Tim French, Vice President Network & IT Systems, WaveCrest