The Challenge

The Property Registry consists of two registries; the Land Titles Office and the Personal Property Registry. When they separated from the Government of Manitoba they had an outdated terminal screen system that users found was cumbersome, difficult to use, and not intuitive.

Client: The Property Registry
Industry: Government
Company Location: Winnipeg, Canada

The Result

IDFusion partnered with The Property Registry to build them a web application by first starting with a usability exercise and designing a UX driven approach to the web application to put them ahead of the curve from an archaic design to something modern and easy to use.

IDFusion built the Property Registry their own system to help them save money from licensing costs and to support an improved user experience.

“The IDFusion team has been absolutely great to work with – very smart, helpful, and easy to get along with. When I was told that the plan was to have the Winnipeg Group 1 migration completed by 9:30 a.m. yesterday, I would have bet good money against it…I’m glad no one took my bet!”

Nancy Anderson, General Manager, The Property Registry