The Challenge

Tiber River is one of Canada’s fastest growing manufacturing companies and as they continued their growth they found that IT was not supporting their business as they know it should. They dealt with many short-term IT issues and long term planning that distracted them from more important projects that would continue to fuel their growth.

Client: Tiber River Naturals
Industry: Manufacturing
Company Location: Winnipeg, Canada

The Result

IDFusion partnered with Tiber River to develop a Digital Strategy Roadmap that outlined exactly how they could leverage technology to continue supporting their growth. Once the roadmap was developed, Tiber River looked to IDFusion to execute on their roadmap by researching, planning, recommending, and implementing many solutions that created incredible operational efficiencies and opportunities to continue growing the business.

Tiber River also engaged IDFusion for their Virtual CIO Services to continue driving the businesses technology forward into the future.

“Thank you to everyone at IDFusion for your quick response to our issues! Without your tech team we would still be offline! I look forward to having great tech partners on Tiber River’s side that can keep up and don’t need their hands held like previous providers of ours.”

Tyson Morris, Chief Operating Officer, Tiber River Naturals