In today’s market environment there seems to be a software product for every need. However, in some cases there are those companies that have a very specific set of needs and want to build a piece of intellectual property that will provide them with a significant competitive advantage.

What To Expect?

Developing a custom piece of software can be a very risky undertaking as many companies do not have deep experience in developing custom software. IDFusion has developed multi-million-dollar pieces of software many times over and from those experiences we’ve refined our process to deliver with a high level of consistency.

By beginning with a strategy, we ensure your custom software is set up to succeed. From there we ask a lot of questions to understand the personas using your application and even put ourselves in their shoes to truly understand their perspective.

When it comes to the actual development of your custom software, we follow a very strict process that ensures you see the software being developed every step of the way. From the initial wireframes, to the design, and then through to the development of the software itself, you will have plenty of time for feedback as we build your custom software together every step of the way.