How should I prepare for my interview?

Bring along the usual information (resume, work experience and samples, etc.) – but there’s more to it than that. We want to know about your interests, your goals, and what’s made you happy in previous jobs. We’ll share our story with you, and ask you about yours. Basically, come ready for a conversation, not just a verbal retelling of your resume. And please open up and ask us anything you need to know to make your decision about whether IDFusion is a great fit for you and your career goals.

What if I’m interested in your company, but I’m still in school?

When we see a good fit, we’re always excited about adding an intern to our team temporarily – and in the past, we’ve seen many of our interns become permanent team members here at IDFusion. Internships are a great way for us to give back to the community, add value for our clients, and provide the next generation of professionals with real industry experience. Contact us to learn more.

What makes IDFusion a great place to work?

Our company culture is all about collaboration and communication. We share our passions, our ideas, and our goals. We invent together and help each other however we can. We host regular group events and activities to keep our crew connected. We get together at least once a month, and do lunch for staff birthdays – and that’s just the regular stuff. Our people work hard, so we make sure to show our appreciation.

What is the office like?

Our head office on Provencher Boulevard near the river offers free parking and lots of windows. Many of our employees work on-site with our clients – but we make sure that everyone feels like part of them team. We’ll make sure that you have what you need to be comfortable and do great work wherever you are. And we’ll keep you involved in all our in-office and extracurricular activities.

What Opportunities does IDFusion offer?

We want employees to grow with us. As we take on larger projects and grow our client list, our employees are given greater challenges, greater opportunities to innovate, and greater chances to show what you’re capable of.

We are big believers in continuing education. There is always budget available for courses, seminars, or books that will help our employees grow personally and professionally.

How would you describe the culture?

The IDFusion culture is one that will make you a better professional. We are constantly driven by the desire to improve and be better whether that’s with internal processes, our products and services, or our own performance! Sometimes it’s difficult because it’s humbling knowing there is so much more to learn, but that’s how we all grow! The really cool thing about IDFusion is the amount of freedom you will have to do what you think is best. If you make mistakes, that’s okay! We all make mistakes, but just be sure you learn and move past them!